Jason Gray

The Kipper Gray Sessions

  1. Mountain
  2. Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful
  3. Love Life
  4. Time
  5. Becoming
Jason Gray

The Acoustic Sessions

  1. I Will Rise Again/Thieves in the Temple (Medley)
  2. City of Stars
  3. Believer/Hurt (medley)
  4. Thank You for Everything
Jason Gray

Where the Light Gets In

  1. Learning
  2. Sparrows
  3. I Will Rise Again
  4. Stolen
  5. Resurrection
  6. More Yours
  7. Death Without a Funeral
  8. The Wound Is Where The Light Gets In
  9. Where Do We Go From Here
  10. Learning To Be Found
  11. Glow In The Dark
  12. Celebrate
  13. Thank You For Everything
Jason Gray

Love Will Have The Final Word

  1. Laugh Out Loud
  2. With Every Act Of Love
  3. Not Right Now
  4. Love Will Have The Final Word
  5. Love’s Not Done With You
  6. Begin Again
  7. I Don’t Know How
  8. If You Want To Love Someone
  9. Even This Will Be Made Beautiful
  10. The Best Days
  11. As I Am
Jason Gray

Nothing Is Wasted EP

  1. Nothing Is Wasted (Radio Mix)
  2. Nothing Is Wasted (Alternate)
  3. The Angel of Your Presence
  4. Love Is Rebuilding
  5. Before I’ve Done Anything
Jason Gray

Christmas Stories : Repeat The Sounding Joy

  1. O Come All Ye Faithful
  2. Christmas Is Coming
  3. O Little Town of Bethlehem
  4. Rest (The Song of the Innkeeper)
  5. Ave Maria (A Song For Mary)
  6. Forgiveness is a Miracle (A Song For Joseph)/Man of Mercy
  7. Gloria (The Song of the Shepherds)
  8. O Holy Night
  9. Easier (The Song of the Wiseman)
  10. I Will Find a Way (The Song of Emmanuel)
  11. Christmas For Jesus
  12. Children Again
  13. Joy to the World
Jason Gray

A Way To See In The Dark

  1. Remind Me Who I Am
  2. The End of Me
  3. No Thief Like Fear
  4. Good To Be Alive
  5. The Sound of Our Breathing
  6. Without Running Away
  7. Fear Is Easy, Love Is Hard
  8. Nothing Is Wasted
  9. A Way To See In The Dark
  10. The Other Side
  11. I Will Find A Way
  12. Jesus, We Are Grateful
Jason Gray

Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue

  1. 1. More Like Falling In Love
  2. Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue
  3. For The First Time Again
  4. Fade With Our Voices
  5. Holding Up The Keys
  6. How I Ended Up Here
  7. Help Me, Thank You
  8. Better Way To Live
  9. Hold Me Back
  10. The Golden Boy And The Prodigal
  11. Jesus, Use Me, I’m Yours
  12. I Am New
  13. Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue (part 2)
Jason Gray

All The Lovely Losers

  1. Blessed Be
  2. Sing Through Me
  3. This Far
  4. Weak
  5. The Cut
  6. You Are Mercy
  7. I’m Not Going Down
  8. Into The Mystery
  9. Someday (The Butterfly)
  10. Move
  11. Grace
  12. Everything I Own