About Order

ORDER: The golden days when all feels right in your world. You’ve lived some life, you’ve earned some wisdom, and you’re doing your best to walk humbly in step with God. Order is when your life is in alignment with the truth based on all that you’ve learned and know today.

And yet there is always more to learn…

Order Disorder Reorder Volume 1: Order is a 5 song reflection on some of the kind of base-line wisdom that is foundational for creating order: the humility that recognizes we are works in progress (Becoming), the simple gratitude for the gift and giver of life (Maker Of Mornings), the wisdom of childlikeness (The Wonder), the peace of living surrendered (I’m Gonna Let it Go), and the hope that the author and finisher of our faith is always at work in the roller coaster ride of transformation (Order Disorder Reorder).

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Jason Gray