Jason Gray

It’s easier to give a gift of gold
Than to give my heart for another to hold
It’s easier
It’s easier to give you the things I do
Than to open my life and let you walk through
It’s easier

Do I hide behind my offerings
While you’re hoping for the heart of me?
Am I the only gift
That you long for me to give?

The weary wisdom of broken men
Says it’s only the fool who rushes in
Only the fool
So it’s easier to give you only a part
Than risk giving away my whole heart
It’s easier, yeah, easier

Overcome by innocence
My wisdom becomes foolishness
Before the tiny babe
Born to give himself away

So led by light of a star sweetly gleaming!
With glowing hearts by his cradle we stand
Fall on your knees
Fall on your knees
The conqueror comes in peace

Only a child could heal the wound
Of the fear that keeps me away from you
Only a child, only a child
He was only a child, only a child

Jason Gray