Jason Gray

Ever since I first heard “Blessed Be” by Jason Gray from his album All the Lovely Losers I was hooked by the emotional and biblical messages of his songs. Jason is an anointed songwriter and he has a profound way of affecting me deeply with his poignant words, tender singing, and inspirational truths.

For Jason’s newer listeners, this album is loaded with the type of musical hooks that have made him a radio fixture from his string of hit songs, “More like Falling in Love,” “I Am New,” “Remind Me Who I Am,” “Good to Be Alive” and “Nothing is Wasted.” For his longtime fans of his entire body of singer-songwriter work, you’ll be thrilled to add this album to your collection, his best overall album in my opinion.

This album opens with the radio-friendly and fun song “Laugh out Loud.”which showcases Jason’s gifts as a songwriter. The song features an upbeat musical bed and opens with the lyrical word pictures, “I shake my head at my good fortune, As I shake the dust off my boots, Yesterday I was an orphan, somehow today I belong to You, Don’t it make you want to laugh out loud and shout Hallelujah!” The album is loaded with that type of worshipful truth as Jason praises God for His goodness in every song.

Jason is a gifted storyteller, and like in his previous offerings, the highlights are found in his vulnerable prayer-songs, including lead single, “With Every Act of Love.” It is commanded by Jesus in Matthew 5:16 to “let your light shine” so that others may praise God based on seeing the power of His life in us. We need to celebrate that freedom with our hands reaching out to others in Christ and show His light in us and let Him shine in us. That’s what this song is about.

The song reminds me to make Jesus the Lord of my life and for every activity and thought in my life to point to His complete Lordship. When you sing the words, “God put a million, million doors in the world / For His love to walk through / One of those doors is you” the devotional thought we should all be thinking is whether we are submitting our lives to that truth or just singing the words. The sentiment of this song represents something that the global Church can all sing loudly, “Oh – we bring the Kingdom come / Oh – with every act of love / Jesus help us carry You / Alive in us, Your light shines through.

A soft guitar melody frames the transparent, vulnerable and moving track, “Not Right Now.” God promises us in His Word that His mercies are new every morning. Whatever situation you are facing you can know that God is with you, always. That truth is tenderly portrayed in the song as Jason he achingly sings, “I know someday, I know somehow, I’ll be okay, but not right now, not right now.”

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Jason Gray